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Aviation and Aerospace

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Aviation and Aerospace

The firm’s interest in aviation and aerospace has led us to keep and maintain a rich collection of laws on air business, to wit:

   - The Chicago Convention of 1944 on … International Civil Aviation;
   - The Geneva Convention of 19/06/1948 on the International Recognition of Rights Affecting Aircrafts;
   - The Rome Convention of 29/05/1933 on Unifying Certain Rules Relating to the Distraining of Aircrafts;
   - The Montreal Convention of 23/09/1971 on the Repression of Illicit Acts Directed Against Civil Aviation Security;
  - The Montreal Protocol of 24/02/1998 on the Repression of Illicit Acts of Violence in Airports Serving for International Civil      Aviation, completing the 1971 Convention, ratified by the Republic of Cameroon in law n° 99/012 of 22/12/1999;
  -  Law n° 2001/019 of 18/12/2001 on the Repression of Offensive Acts Directed Against Civil Aviation Security in Cameroon;
   - Law n° 98/023 of 24/12/1998 on the Regime of Civil Aviation in Cameroon;
   - The Cameroon Civil Aviation Code of 05/11/1963;
   - The Organization of International Civil Aviation;
   - The Warsaw Convention.

Armed with these foregoing and other Laws relevant to the aviation industry, the firm advises both lessors and lessees of aircrafts (and engines of aircrafts) on a wide range of issues including registration (and deregistration) of aircrafts with the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority, registration (and deregistration) of Lease agreements, repossession and enforcement, payments, confiscation, liability, insurance, import-export permits, bankruptcy, formalities, practical and other considerations.

With our experience in this area of practice, we master the procedure for registering an aircraft including all the forms to be filled and filed, Power of Attorney to obtain, taxes to be paid to the taxation department for registration and stamp duty, fees due to the CCAA and Bureau Veritas… Our Attorneys have taken part in the inspection of aircrafts by the CCAA and Bureau Veritas prior to registration.

Some of the experience of our attorneys have come from the work they did for GE Aviation, Ansett Worldwide, Cameroon Airlines, etc. In 2004 the firm was engaged by Boeing Capital Corporation (a subsidiary of the Boeing Company) to provide legal services as outside counsel in connection with the lease of one Boeing Model 767-200 airframe by US Bank, National Association, owner trustee, as lessor and the Republic of Cameroon as lessee. This and our previous experience is making us the leading firm in this area of practice. Once consulted, we provide a sound and solid legal opinion in simple language (English or French). One of our great clients qualified it comprehensive.

Since 2005 the firm has been representing the Boeing Company in various matters in the Courts in Cameroon. The firm is also currently representing Pratt & Whitney Aircraft