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General Practice

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General Practice

In addition to the consultancies we do in our specialized areas of practice and the eventual litigation that may ensue, the firm offers legal counselling in vast and varied domains, including but not limited to:

General legal advice to clients with whom we have a general retainer agreement;
Legal opinion on all aspects of Cameroon municipal law;
Study of legal environment;
Legal audit;
Procuring, preparation and submission of administrative, technical and financial files against tenders from both government departments, para-public corporations and private firms;
Drafting of all types of agreements, including: employment contracts, promissory notes, contracts of sale, assignment of debts, deeds, lease, mortgage, pledge agreements, memoranda and articles of association, website development agreements, website hosting agreements, and more;
Procurement of residence permits and labour contracts for expatriate staff;
General representation of clients, present or absent;
Foreign traders’ guide;

Execution of civil judgements;

Legal practice is all about the defending of rights, including human rights. In effect the firm has a task force on human rights which works also on a pro bono basis as part of our general practice. It is thanks to our interest in human rights issues that our Barrister Feh Henry Baaboh was in February 2004 appointed the Cameroon National Co-ordinator of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law’s Death Penalty Project.

The task force on human rights works in close collaboration with the Cameroon Peace Institute.